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Sustainability Building Show

know more about our speakers, clients and event agenda. 

Meet The Speakers

Fatmah Baothman _edited.png

Fatmah Baothman

CEO of Alothaim Investment AI and R&D Company, a member of the Global Future Council on the Future of Artificial Intelligence by the World Economic Forum

Saudi national technology strategist, AI advisor, and AI Business Development & Innovation, she officially represented women in several events the latest was at the UN  for Saudi NGOs sector of the kingdom. A member of the G20-S20 Task Force and working group, and G20 Digital Agenda Presidency Transfer. She is the first woman in the Middle East with a doctorate in Modern Artificial Intelligence in 2003; she graduated from the School of Computing and Engineering with the Alumni Roll of Honor from the University of Huddersfield-UK; she won several international awards and many local trophies. She is listed among AI GCC & Arab experts by MIT Technology Review. She worked with Apple and CISCO to enter the Saudi market. She founded the computer science department for ladies, and the Saudi Engineering Committee for Women, which was the main derive for establishing the engineering colleges in the Western region for ladies. She founded the IEEE Chapter for Women and is the founder and board president of the AI Society now. She has held various administrative positions, supervised hundreds of students in technology & AI business projects, and has several quality AI publications and book translations.

John Seed_edited.png

John Seed

BSc (Hons) MEng MBA CEng FICE MAPM EurIng

Group Director, Strategy & Development

Dar Al Riyadh

John joined Dar Al Riyadh from ERM where he was Partner Lead for their M&A team and as such was responsible for the growth and delivery of ERM advisory services supporting client mergers and acquisitions activities. John’s team provided technical, commercial, ESG and sustainability due diligence and management consultancy clients including private equity/infra fund, MDB’s and commercial banks, institutional investors, corporates, and energy/utility companies. Upstream advice included establishing portfolio wide ESG, sustainability and decarbonisation strategies. Downstream advice included buy-side and sell-side due diligence for brown and green field assets and corporate entities.

Ricardo Costa.jpeg

Ricardo Costa

Edama HUB, Co-founder and Managing Partner

Ricardo is passionate about creating important synergies with first tier entities, in the public and private sectors, and exploring and conquering new markets. With an engineering background and over 20 years of international business experience, Ricardo has a proven track record of leading successful business transformations, by adding technology innovation and efficient management. Ricardo has co-built several businesses in Saudi Arabia, all with a common denominator: innovation/disruption of traditional sectors. Ricardo is co-founder and managing partner of EdamaHUB, a company specialised in creating unexpected business partnerships for the productive economy.

Jawad Altamimi_edited.png

Jawad AlTamimi

Regional Director of IFMA’s FM Consultants Council (FMCC)

Jawad AlTamimi is a champion of sustainable urban development, passionately integrating smart technologies to create sustainable and thriving communities. As the Regional Director of IFMA’s FM Consultants Council (FMCC), his strategic leadership is not only elevating but also redefining the facility management industry. His dedication to innovation places him at the forefront of the movement towards global recognition and operational excellence within the built environment." 

Mamdooh ALWETAISHI.jpeg

Mamdooh Alwetaishi

Full professor in Architecture and Building Technology at Taif
University, College of Engineering, Saudi Arabia.

Prof. Alwetaishi obtained his MSc and PhD from the University of Nottingham in the UK in the topic of Renewable and Sustainable Building Technology. He was the head of Civil Engineering department from 2015-2018, in 2018 he was appointed as Supervisor of Architectural Engineering Program in the college which is a new established program. Prof Alwetaishi is very interested and motivated in and research to develop various technologies and applications in the field of Engineering, Architecture, heritage, and other subjects. He was involved on various national and international collaborations in research and development. On the professional perspective, Prof Alwetaishi worked at the Ministry of Culture as fulltime research consultant

Dima Al Srouri_edited.png

Dima Al Srouri

Founder & Director of Biospheric City Lab

Dima is a city strategist and a creative thought leader, building bridges through urban planning, design, and sustainability.  She brings a wealth of knowledge from professional practice in the public & private sectors as well as academia on the science of cities, sustainability, circular development & sustainable business models. She served as a judge for Gulf Sustainability Awards, and an expert practitioner for the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network’s Youth program. She participated in several conferences and panels on sustainable development both locally & internationally. She is currently Director of Biospheric City Lab, a boutique consultancy for sustainable development, based in Dubai Design District, and an adjunct lecturer in Urban Planning & Development at the Sorbonne University in Abu Dhabi. She founded MycoSphere, a company that innovates with fungi and produces mushrooms and mycelium material from a variety of local upcycled waste.

Moahemd Fekry.jpg

Mohamed Fekry

Professor of Architecture and Design at Effat University, Member of International Society for Development & Sustainability, Japan

Dr. Mohamed Fekry is a professor of architecture and design at Effat University (previously Cairo University). He received his Master and Ph.D. in Architecture from Cairo University, Egypt in 1999, 2004 respectively. With more than 25 years of teaching experience; Dr. Fekry has taught Architecture and Design at several Architecture Departments in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Dr. Mohamed's main concern now is to pass on his practical experience of design to younger generations of architects as well as to develop educational courses that reflect these concepts to the architectural students. His research interests include Architecture Theories, Design Process, Digital Modelling, Geographical Information Systems, CAAD, and Urban Conservation. He is a listed reviewer for many local, regional, and international academic journals.

Hazman Hazumi.png

Hazman Hazumi


Dr. Hazman Hazumi is a distinguished professional technologist and cofounder of TNF Global, a prominent firm specializing in innovative technological solutions for the construction industry. As a Visiting Fellow at Advanced Centre for Sustainable Socio-Economic and Technological Development (ASSET) University of Technology Sarawak, Malaysia. He has demonstrated expertise in various fields, particularly in 3D scan to Building Information Modeling (BIM), BIM 3D, 4D, and 5D constructions, as well as digital twin technologies. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Dr. Hazman Hazumi has established himself as a leader and pioneer in integrating advanced digital technologies into construction processes, revolutionizing the way projects are planned, designed, and executed. His contributions have significantly impacted the efficiency, accuracy, and sustainability of construction projects worldwide.

Fahad Abdullah Aljabr.png

 Fahad Abdullah Aljabr

Senior Director of Project Delivery at King Abdullah Financial District

Fahad Abdullah Aljabr has been the senior director of project delivery at King Abdullah Financial District, a business and lifestyle destination in Riyadh, since September 2023. Aljabr was one of the first team members to join KAFD in 2018. Before joining the KAFD Development and Management Co., he held senior roles with the previous developer of KAFD, Osool (formerly Raza and Riyadh Investment Co.), as senior construction manager since 2012. He was the Depa Group’s LEED manager for the King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center project. In this role, he managed the entire sustainability and LEED requirements from the contractor side, including LEED certification for the research center building, a Zaha Hadid architectural masterpiece.

Joshua Van Alstine_edited.png

Joshua Van Alstine

Social Media Influencer and Master of Ceremonies

Joshua Van Alstine is a social media

influencer and public figure who has also engaged in media

projects and events as an Master of Ceremonies, influencer

and promoter. He speaks English, Saudi Arabic, and Turkish.

He is especially capable as a culture and science

communicator as he has lived in Saudi Arabia for 12 years

and is the co-founder of the Saudi Arabian Botanical Society.

He is also associated with many cultural and scientific

organizations in Saudi Arabia and around the world

Anas Idriss_edited.png

Anas Idriss

Disruptive Innovation Director at EVC

Anas Idriss is a pioneering figure in waste management, leading digital transformation initiatives that revolutionize the industry. As a Digital Transformation Advisor at the National Center for Waste Management (MWAN) in Saudi Arabia, Anas drives the Kingdom's digital roadmap for waste management. His expertise in IoT, AI, fleet telematics, and specialized waste management solutions enables him to devise innovative strategies for compliance monitoring and data-driven decision-making. With a unique blend of technical prowess and business acumen, Anas is recognized as an industry thought leader. He excels in navigating complex organizations, optimizing processes, and implementing disruptive technologies to achieve transformative results. Committed to continuous improvement and sustainable solutions, Anas is shaping the future of waste management.

Prakash Senghani - Headshot  (1).jpg

Prakash Senghani

CEO and Co-Founder at Navatech Group

Prakash is considered a thought leader in the world of construction technology, with a career that spans over a decade. He has a passion for innovation, he has led transformative projects with top-tier organizations and consulting firms worldwide, revolutionising the industry with the implementation of innovative digital solutions. He embarked on an entrepreneurial adventure at the end of 2022; Co-founding Navatech Group, a dynamic company dedicated to transforming the construction sector through digital innovations, he brought together practical expertise and technical knowledge to offer digital transformation consulting services and groundbreaking SaaS products that
leverage the power of AI to improve safety and productivity.

Sinan Rasheed.jpg

Sinan Rasheed

Director of Sustainability, New Murabaa Development Company

Sinan Rasheed is an esteemed professional with over 25 years at the forefront of sustainable development and he is currently the Director of Sustainability for New Murabaa Development Company. At New Murabaa, Sinan is dedicated to integrating innovative and eco-friendly practices into the company's development projects. He plays a pivotal role in shaping the organization's commitment to sustainability, ensuring that each endeavour aligns with environmental stewardship, community well-being, and economic viability. Beyond his professional endeavours, Sinan is a passionate advocate for sustainable development. He has actively participated in various industry forums, contributing his insights to discussions on the future of green construction and resilient communities.

Lindsey Malcolm.jpg

Lindsey Malcolm

Sustainability Lead, Middle East Turner & Townsend International

Lindsey is a Chartered Engineer and experienced leader in sustainable design and strategy development with over 15 years’ experience working in the built environment across the UK, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific. This has given him an innate understanding of the local subtleties that arise on projects and the importance of vernacular thinking and expertise. Lindsey previously worked on the development and implementation of Estidama following its launch in 2010 and has supported various authorities and developers in the creation and implementation of sustainability policies since.

He provided expert technical review and guidance for the London 2012 Olympic Park energy strategy, focusing on the transition from games to legacy. Subsequently leading the development of sustainable infrastructure solutions across numerous high-profile masterplan developments in the United Kingdom and abroad.

Sulaiman Al Rasheed_edited.png

Sulaiman Alrasheed

General Manager of Industrial Construction Technology Company for Precast.Director Green Building Solutions Consultancy (GBSC) engineering Office for LEED certification, Policy Design and Advisory

Member of: SASO Green Building and Sustainability, American Green Building Council, Sustainability Professionals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Green Home institute USA.

He has previous work activities: Saudi Aramco/KAPSARC Director to achieve LEED certifications two NC platinum level certification, first Neighborhood LEED certification and 191 LEED homes certification. Part of the Saudi Aramco team to achieve its operational excellences for several departments (Mechanical Services Shops Department (MSSD), Qurrayah Sea Water Department, Ras Tanura Refinery Maintenance Department, Consulting Services Department and Corporate Maintenance Division)

Hajar El Haddaoui_edited.png

Hajar El Haddaoui

CEO and Member of The Executive Board at Circular Economy Company Ltd

Dr.Hajar El haddaoui is  a leader in global Sustainability Practice, and works with companies as well as stakeholders on regulatory and political issues related to the energy transition, water, and the circular economy. A proven executive with global experience, client leader and change agent, she has been appointed as Vice Chair of the Board of the United Nation Global Compact KSA. She is considered a global ambassador for digitalization, being a renowned thoughtleader advocating the humanization of technology to create a better smart future. She is among the world’s most powerful women leaders in business and technology. She has also been awarded the Business leader for best all-round female In IT in Europe Global Influencer leader award and the most Visionary women leader in Digital and transformation. She is a dynamic and influential speaker and presents regularly at corporate, United Nations, and international conferences. She sits in multiple boards and is a guest lecturer at the American university of applied sciences in Switzerland, Geneva University and is an affiliate professor for Economic & Sustainability at Princess Noura University.

Adly Kafafy headshot photo_edited.png

Adly Kafafy

Vice-President, Africa & New Ventures at TAQA Arabia

A management professional with 23+ years of exceptional track record in driving Energy business growth. As the VP of TAQA Arabia for Africa and New Ventures, Adly is focusing on developing the Energy business in Africa, seeking all new opportunities to flourish the energy sector all over the continent. Focusing on utilization of African Gas for Africa, Adly is leading the investment of TAQA Arabia in Mozambique for the development of 20 CNG stations, natural gas distribution in addition to new initiative in solar energy. Moreover, through the investment in 12 new CNG stations in Tanzania, inaugurating the first integrated CNG filling station and conversion center in November 2023, as well as natural gas distribution and a mini-LNG project.

Waleed Salaheldin_edited.png

Waleed Salaheldin 

Lead Sustainability Advisor/Design Manager at AESG

With more than two decades of expertise in architectural design, sustainability, project management, and environmental stewardship, I bring a wealth of knowledge to the realm of regional sustainability building initiatives. Throughout my career, I've navigated complex projects across the Middle East and Asia, delivering impactful solutions and spearheading transformative endeavors. As the lead for the sustainability country team in Multiple organizations/firms during the last few years, I've played a pivotal role in implementing cutting-edge engineering, sustainability, and environmental strategies. From enhancing railway stations to contributing to the sustainability of FIFA 2022 World Cup stadiums and green buildings, I've left a mark on diverse sectors.

Abeer Allahham _edited.png

Abeer Allahham

Associate Professor, College of Design Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University, Saudi Arabia

Abeer Allahham holds a Ph.D. in History, Theory, and Criticism, a Masters in Urban Design, and a Bachelor of Architecture. For seven years, Allahham was the coordinator of the Scientific Documentation and Editing team, at the Ministry of Higher Education, working on the Third Expansion of the Holy Mosque in Mecca and the development project of Mecca and the Holy Mashaer area, Saudi Arabia. She is currently the MENA Regional Editor for the International Journal for Architectural Research (Archnet-IJAR), as well as a member of the editorial boards of three other international journals. She received the King Hussein Award for distinguished students in Jordan. She won five international honors for printing two volumes about the project of the Holy Mosque Expansion in Mecca. 

Mohammad Nurunnabi_edited.png

Mohammad Nurunnabi

Founding Director of - Center for Sustainability and Climate (first sustainability and climate think tank in Saudi Arabia) at Prince Sultan University

Prof. Mohammad Nurunnabi is an Academic Visitor of St Antony's College, University of Oxford. He is a consultant of UNCTAD, IFAC, L20, Saudi Investment Bank. His article on Saudi Vision 2030 was the most downloaded article after the announcement of Saudi Vision 2030. Based on Stanford University World’s Top 2% Scientists, 2023, he is RANKED # 1 in Education in Saudi Arabia in 2023. Based on ScholarGPS (Highly Ranked Scholars 2022), he is also RANKED # 7 in Accounting in the world in 2023. He is leading the UN SDGs, and also 1st Saudi University to Pledge Net Zero Carbon University by 2060 in Race to Zero. Under his leadership, Prince Sultan University became the 1st Carbon Neutral Certified University in the MENA region.

Fatimah S_edited.png

Fatimah S. AlHussain

Sector Planning Section Head at National Center for Waste Management

Fatimah is currently part of National Centre for Waste Management (MWAN), Fatimah is Environmental Planning manager and is leading the Construction and Demolition waste management solutions in Saudi Arabia, Waste management Master Plan and Strategy, and Waste Management Transformation Initiative in Riyadh. Fatimah is part of Establishment of first state-of-the-art Mobile CDW Recycling Facility in Riyadh.

Shahira Fahmy_edited.png

Shahira Fahmy​​

Principal and Founder of Shahira Fahmy Architects

Shahira Fahmy is an architect, urbanist, and researcher. She is a three-time recipient of Harvard’s fellowships for her ground-breaking and award-winning architectural work: a LOEB fellow at the Graduate School of Design GSD, 2015; a Hutchins Fellow at W. E. B. Du Bois Research Institute at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences FAS, 2016; and a Berkman Klein fellow at Harvard's Law School, 2016. She has taught at Columbia University, GSAPP 2014. Fahmy has built projects in the Middle East, London, and Europe, and has been hailed by Phaidon as one of the "Architects building the Arab Future", 2011. Her projects includes: Winner of The Delfina Foundation Architectural Expansion Competition, London, built in 2014 – in collaboration with Studio Octopi; Finalist Winner of the Master Plan of ‘Andermatt Swiss Alps’ Ski Resort Competition Phase II & III, 2013; Collaborating with Prof.

Miram Ali_edited.png

Miram Ali

Assistant Professor of Architecture Onaizah Colleges

Associate Professor, College of Design Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University, Saudi Arabia

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