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Sustainable Building Show

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To be a global platform that inspires and equips Saudi Arabia's construction leaders with the knowledge and tools needed to participate in the historic transformation towards a sustainable future, aligned with the goals and principles of Vision 2030.

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We build bridges of knowledge by bringing together global experts and local changemakers to share best practices and innovative solutions in sustainable building.

We draw inspiration from nature, infusing our projects with its essence, harmonizing with the desert's rhythm and harnessing the sun's radiance to create spaces that nurture the health and happiness of their inhabitants.

We engage everyone in this journey, creating platforms for dialogue between decision-makers, researchers, investors, engineers, and citizens.

We lay the foundation for a circular economy that minimizes waste and promotes material recycling, strengthening environmental security and unlocking promising economic opportunities for the construction sector.

We spark innovation, making it the driving force for optimizing construction efficiency, managing resources wisely, and enhancing quality of life.

Construction professionals: Architects, engineers, contractors, developers, project managers, and other key decision-makers involved in the design, construction, and operation of buildings.





Policymakers and regulators: 

Government officials, representatives from regulatory bodies, and sustainability advocates with the power to shape policies and standards for sustainable building practices in Saudi Arabia.

Environmental Associations and advocacy entities: 

Organizations promoting environmental sustainability and responsible development, aiming to influence policy and public awareness around green building practices.

Investors and financiers: 

Green investment funds, venture capitalists, and other financial institutions interested in supporting innovative sustainable building projects and technologies.

Facility managers and building owners: 

Responsible for the operation and maintenance of existing buildings, interested in learning about retrofitting solutions and best practices for sustainable building management.

Green building consultants and service providers: 

Specialists in areas like energy efficiency, renewable energy integration, material selection, and life cycle assessment, offering expertise to the construction industry.

Benefits of attending: 

Explain the tangible takeaways for delegates in terms of knowledge, skills, and connections.

Provide a concise overview of the various topics and sessions covered in the conference program.

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